Keeping the noise down

As an independent British company, we specialise in manufacturing noise control materials, acoustic products and solutions.

Simply put, we’re experts at minimising noise and reducing distractions in lots of different environments. Our talented team design, create, supply and advise on the best products to get the results you need. As a result, we’re very well known for our acoustic barriers (also known as acoustic blankets or acoustic quilts) and acoustic panels.

Our sound control products

Excellent sound solutions for every environment

You’ll find a wide range of high performance acoustic products suitable for diverse sectors. These include education, commercial, industrial, marine, healthcare, media, automotive, military and community.

Choose from acoustic underlay and modular ceiling and wooden panels, to complete studio kits and custom solutions for every building, space or room.

Sectors we operate in

Looking for a complete soundproofing system?

We know that sometimes a one size fits all solution isn’t right. That’s why we invest time and expertise in designing and manufacturing a bespoke solution to meet your needs. For a free quote, tell us more about your project below.

Suspected source of noise:
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Simple but effective sound control solutions

Acoustic ceiling panels improve sound quality in every environment. You can easily control sound and reverberation with our professional range of Acoustic Ceiling Panels.

Manufactured from lightweight acoustic foam developed by BASF, we can supply these sound-absorbing panels in a choice of shapes and colours.

  • High performance
  • Easily bonded directly to vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Ideal for use in lecture rooms, meeting rooms and village halls.

Acoustic Panels

Why we’re different

Thanks to the materials we use, the solutions we offer to noise and reverberation issues are very technical.

Our high performance acoustic blankets, for example, are robust enough for permanent use.

We can make them in a variety of weights depending on your requirements. Very conveniently, we have our own 3 metre wide printer in house. This means we can easily print your logo or safety instructions directly onto the blankets. Safer, easier, better.

What’s more, we can offer high temperature, anti-static blankets ideal for off-shore applications and oil, gas and coal industries. These technologically advanced blankets feature a dense internal core that blocks noise at lower frequencies.

Our full range of products

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At Sound Control Services, we don’t just manufacture and supply excellent acoustic panels, foam and blankets. In addition, we offer a full design and consultancy service so that we can tailor solutions to your requirements.

  • Consultancy

  • Supply

  • Design / Planning

  • Manufacture

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