• Acoustic Raft Panels

    Absorbing airborne noise and controlling reverberation in a busy office.

  • Acoustic Baffles

    These Baffles have a hygenic moisture resistant coating, the ideal choice for this bottling plant.

  • Acoustic Blankets

    Our Blankets enclosing a school sports pitch, keeping noise away from the nearby residential area.

Acoustic Control & Soundproofing Solutions

We are an independent British manufacturing company specialising in noise control materials, acoustic products and solutions. Our comprehensive range includes products that are suitable for buildings, industrial, architectural, marine and military. From our acoustic underlay and modular ceiling and wooden panels, to complete studio kits and custom solutions for any type of room or building, Sound Control Services has everything you need.


If you require a complete soundproofing system for a specific application, we also provide bespoke solutions that are designed to meet the unique requirements of individual customers.

Please email or phone our sales office to let us know what you need and we will be more than happy to assist.

Acoustic Wall Panels

SoftWall Feature Panels are a high performance acoustic wall panel that offer an ideal solution to area’s requiring a high level of sound absorption. Acoustic wall panels are extremely durable and are also versatile in design and function. They are available in a choice of fabric textures and colours or with your own printed image. Acoustic wall panels have concealed fixings and can be removed for cleaning and decoration.

Acoustic ceiling panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels are a way of effectively controlling sound and reverberation. We manufacture the sound absorbing panels in a range of shape and colour options. They are manufactured from lightweight acoustic Basotect foam developed by BASF. They can be bonded directly to vertical and horizontal surfaces. They are high performance and excellent for use in lecture rooms, meeting rooms and village halls.

Acoustic barriers
Acoustic Barriers are high performance noise barrier blankets for indoor or outdoor use, they are designed to provide a high performance noise barrier around a noise source and typically hang from an existing fence or scaffold, or from a ceiling to divide a factory etc. They are supplied as modular units that are co-joined to form an effective noise barrier of any size. Acoustic barriers are available in various densities to suit your particular problem, our consultants are happy to advise you the best product for your application.

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