FlexSa Barrier Membrane

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FlexSa is a highly flexible, high density, polymer based, asphalt free acoustic membrane which provides an excellent acoustic insulation for many construction elements. It has a built in self adhesive layer enabling to be applied direct onto most construction surfaces.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial

  • Community

  • Marine

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent damping qualities
  • Excellent barrier qualities
  • Self Adhesive backed
  • Extremely flexible and will form around most surfaces
  • Has Euroclass Bs2d0, conforms to Class "0":BS476 parts 6&7
  • Light Brown in colour


THICKNESS:2mm or 4mm
DIMENSIONS:6000 x 1200mm x 2mm (5kg/m³) 4000 x 1200mm x 4mm (10kg/m³)
  • Airborne noise insulation in vertical surfaces with low surface mass (lightweight partitions or panels in various materials)
  • Airborne noise insulation in ceilings
  • Reduction of impact noise levels in all types of frameworks, in floating floors
  • Damping of impact noise caused by rain on metal roofs
  • In combination with sound absorbent materials, it results in products with high acoustic performance characteristics.
  • Its applications in the industrial sector range from soundproofing booths to the insulation of machine rooms, drainpipes, acoustic dampening of sheet metals etc