DMP2 – PVA Based Damping Mat

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DMP2 Vibration Damping Mat is a lightweight PVA-based, visco-elastic polymer. Its sole design is for use in acoustic applications where a high level of vibration damping is required and comes with a self-adhesive backing for ease of application.

Sheet size is 1600 x 1000mm, However to prevent damage during transit we usually supply this in smaller pad sizes, please let us know if you need this full size.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial

  • Media

  • Marine

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Features & Benefits

  • Flexible and easy to cut.
  • DMP2 mats are of premium grade.
  • Excellent in reducing vibration in sheet metal and other resonant surfaces.
  • DMP2 is particularly suitable for clean room applications.


DIMENSIONS:1600 x 1000mm
  • Vehicle Body Parts
  • Machine Panels
  • Steel Sinks
  • Any surface that resonates upon impact.