CeilingVoid – CVX

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CeilingVoid CVX Series Acoustic Barriers are flexible composite laminates designed for lining suspended ceilings tiles or free-hanging in ceiling voids above partition lines to noise transfer. They have been specifically developed to provide a simple solution to the common problem of improving `room to room’ sound separation via a common ceiling void. Lead version available on request.

This material is typically used in the following applications;

  • Prevents Office to Office noise transfer
  • Also supplied as cut panels to line suspended ceiling tiles.

Suitable for:

  • Education

  • Commercial

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Community

  • Media

  • Marine

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Features & Benefits

  • Top selling industrial grade acoustic liner
  • Class 0 Fire rated re-inforced foil facing
  • Foam is Class 0 Fire rating tested to BS476 Parts 6 & 7 of the building regulations
  • Product contain a high density noise barrier core to block sound transmission
  • Foam layers provide a high level of absorption
  • Can be cut into shaped parts or supplied in bespoke kits
  • Other sizes available


MATERIAL COLOUR:Black with aluminised foil face
DIMENSIONS:2000 x 1200mm