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The unique properties of Basotect foam make it the first choice material specified by consultants and architects when sound absorption is of high priority. It’s lightweight open cell, semi-rigid structure offer high performace and low weight. It is one of the few foams that was specifically manufactured for the acoustics industry. Made from Melamine resin, it is ideal for use in a wide variety of acoustic and thermal insulation applications. It is flexible, easy to handle cut and install. It can be supplied in sheet form, or it can also be supplied pre-cut or profiled to size and shape The natural colour of the foam is grey, although it is also available in white and a range of functional or decorative facings and fabrics are available. It can be sprayed with flexible PVC coating to any RAL colour.

Sheets supplied in packs of two, sheet size is 1250 x 1250mm, if larger sheets are required please contact the office.

Suitable for:

  • Industrial

  • Media

  • Marine

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Features & Benefits

  • High sound absorption
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Flame resistance, Class 0 fire rating
  • Heat resistance
  • Very low weight


MATERIAL COLOUR:Grey as standard or white
THICKNESS:6mm - 250mm
DIMENSIONS:1250 x 1250mm (Supplied in Pairs) 2500 x 1250mm (Sheets also available)
ACOUSTIC DATA:0.80 (50mm) 1.00 (75mm)
  • HVAC: fancoil units, plenum and duct linings
  • Building services: Wall & ceiling panels for office & conference suites etc
  • Industrial: Enclosure linings, suspended absorbers
  • Automotive: Cab trim, engine & under bonnet panels
  • Marine: Engine room & accommodation areas
  • Recording studios: Wall panels, ceiling tiles, anechoic wedges
  • Sport & leisure: Theatre & cinema auditoria, swimming & ice arena, lecture halls