Architectural Acoustic Systems

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SoftWall Acoustic Wall Panels

Our fabric acoustic wall panels are a high specification class A absorber panel wrapped with a functional & decorative fabric, this gives excellent durability and a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

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Clinic Plus+ Baffles

Manufactured using a moisture resistant mineral fibre with outstanding acoustic properties, they are then coated with an anti-bacterial pre-painted moisture resistant and washable finish.

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RT Panels – Acoustic Ceiling Panels

RTPanels are fabric faced lightweight acoustic foam panels, their low weight and high absorption properties makes them the ideal choice for fixing directly to ceilings and walls, they don't need any specialist fixings and can be directly bonded using contact adhesive such as SCS1210.

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Suspended Acoustic Raft Panels

RaftPanels are fabric faced acoustic absorption panels that are designed to be suspended.

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SoftWall Liner System

This system is designed to line a wall or room with our acoustic liner panels creating a seamless and aesthetic pleasing appearance without the need to mount each panel with seperate fixings.

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Acoustic Baffles – Fabric Wrapped

Our fabric wrapped Acoustic Baffles are designed to be vertically suspended in large area's where reverberation is a problem.

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