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Our Acoustic Sports Curtains are a tried and tested product for use around sports pitches and fix easily to an existing fence, they are available in a wide range of colours, they are very durable and prevent noise getting into a built up area and also prevent impact noise when a ball strikes the fence.

Sound Control Services specialises in the production of noise control materials and acoustic products, including acoustic curtains, which we manufacture in-house to ensure exceptionally high product control standards for our customers throughout the UK and abroad.

Our industrial acoustic curtains combine all your sound barrier and noise absorption needs into the one cost-effective, durable and hardwearing product. Providing maximum noise reduction and soundproofing at acompetitive price, our high-quality acoustic curtains are used in a comprehensive range of industrial and environmental applications.

What are Acoustic Curtains?

Often described as sound curtains, noise curtains, sound blankets, noise blankets or acoustic barriers, acoustic curtains are used as partial or complete enclosures around noise sources. They have numerous applications and can help to:

  • Improve employee concentration in the workplace
  • Produce safer, more enjoyable working conditions
  • Increase workplace efficiency and fiscal profits
  • Reduce and control the spread of dust and fumes

Acoustic curtains are remarkably versatile andare more economicalthan the rigid enclosures many businesses use. These quality soundproof curtains are extremely durable and are therefore suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Some of the many benefits widely associated with our industrial acoustic curtains include the following:

  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Easily installed around industrial machines and equipment
  • Require little maintenance and clean easily and effortlessly
  • Easily accommodate access doors, vision panels, etc.

Having the right acoustic curtainalso enablesBritish businesses to adhere to the Government’s regulated decibel time exposure allowance of 85dBA/8hr. This helps them to avoid prosecution and litigation claims by providing their employees with a safe and comfortable work environment. Where are Noise Curtains Used?

Now commonplace in many commercial and industrial environments, some of the typical applications acoustic curtains are used for include noise control enclosures around industrial machines or plant equipmentsuch as blowers, compressors, fans, generators, pumps, and saws.

Quilted acoustic curtains are also used to reduce environmental noise such as construction, earth, and road works, refurbishment projects on occupied buildings and offices, along with air conditioning units and sports halls.

To help you select the right acoustic curtain, Sound Control Services will come to your worksite toassess your needs if required. From there, we’ll work to ensure a customised solution is properly planned and executed by taking in all of your specific considerations and requirements.

Our flexible, heavy-duty quilted acoustic curtains are custom-made in-house to ensure strict adherence to the quality control guidelines we’ve put in place. With Sound Control Services, you can rest assured that there are no off the shelf items, and that when you order noise control materials and acoustic products from us, that you’re purchasing materials and products of the highest quality.

Acoustic Curtains & Blankets


Acoustic Blankets

These acoustic blankets are both flexible and durable.

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Quilted Studio Blankets

A highly decorative quilted noise insulation blanket, these are suitable for use in areas such as film and audio studios and public areas including music venues or any application requiring a high quality fabric finish with excellent acoustic absorption.

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